Ford Mustang Cobra


ford mustang cobra

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang Cobra
Year: 1979
Owner Name: Peter Slaney
City: Wareham
State: Massachusetts

From the Owner: It’s a 1979 Mustang Cobra that I bought back in 2000. It originally had the 131 hp Turbo 2.3 liter four cylinder/4-speed combo. For the past 10 years it’s had a 306/5speed combo but last summer I changed it over to a 347 stroker/5-speed combo last summer. It’s a street car 99% of the time that runs on 93 octane and I drive it to the track to race it – the two closest tracks to my house are 114 miles away or 185 miles away! I’ve gone down the track close to 150 times thus far and it never gets old! My best time with my old 306/5-speed combo was a 12.38 @ 111 (307 rwhp/278 rwt) and my best time with the new 347/5-speed combo is an 11.38 @ 121 (420 rwhp/380 rwt).

Because it’s a street car 99% of the time, I wanted it to be show quality so that I could go to the weekly cruise nights and car shows. Thus, the interior, paint, attention to detail, and overall quality of the build had to be top notch. It’s paid off in a great way, as I’ve won over 15 trophies with it and have been lucky enough to have it featured in two major magazines and four calendars. It was built by my twin brother and I in my small one car garage and the only thing we did not do ourselves, was the actual bodywork and paint (we did reassemble the entire body after paint by reinstalling the doors, fenders, hood, bumpers, and by applying all trim, emblems, decals, lights, and rubber accessories.

It’s been everything I hoped it would be over the past 15 years of ownership.

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