1969 Pontiac GTO


car1Make: Pontiac
Model: GTO
Year: 1969
Owner Name: Andrew Lindamood
City: Fultondale
State: Alabama

From the Owner: I have a 69′ Pontiac GTO that my dad Bought BRAND NEW in 1969, I  still have the original window sticker and all, this car was street and daily driven for more  than 20 years until it was turned into a mild street/drag car, from then my dad just mostly  raced it not drive on thje street, then i came into the picture and got turned on to racing at a very young age, i started when i was 8, now i am 23, started racing jr dragsters then when i turned 15 i was allowed in this car, and thats where my father went wrong, i then tore up the original motor trans and rear end, i didnt go back with more stock stuff i wanted faster and faster, i then tore up over 5 Pontiac motors and finally turned to SBC it now has a 383 runs 6.50s at 103 mph in the 1/8, im just a small town bracket racer that wants nothing more than to just enjoy the sport and win as many races as possible!

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