Improve Your Automotive’s Motor with the Digital Flex Head Torque Wrench

Whether you work on cars professionally or as a hobby, you know how important an automotive torque wrench is. There’s just no other way to ensure that everything you put together is put together correctly. Cheater bars and impact drivers are a “close enough” solution—and that’s not good enough for a true pro.

torque wrenchThere was a time when a mechanic could get by with an automotive torque wrench that just measured inch- and foot-pounds. On the rare occasion they ran across something metric, they could just do a conversion. That’s no longer the case.

As cars have become increasingly globalized, so too have replacement and performance parts. That means that mechanics are almost guaranteed to run into a variety of measurement systems in even the most basic install. When you put an aftermarket turbo from Japan on your American-made car, you’ll probably run into a little bit of everything. To make life, and installations, easier, you need an automotive torque wrench that can do a little bit of everything.

MountzPro Digital Flex Head Torque Wrench

When your vehicle service manual is in one system of measurement and the installation manual for your performance part is in another, what do you do? You can spend a lot of time doing conversions, and hope you’re doing them right, or you can grab a torque wrench that can do it for you. MountzPro’s digital flex head torque wrench allows you to switch between measurement systems with the press of a button. The MountzPro digital torque wrench measures:

  • lbs. ft.: Foot-pounds are one of the standard measurements of force in the imperial system, mostly used on American cars and parts.
  • lbs. in.: A fractional measurement of foot-pounds, used on parts that require less torque.
  • N. m: The Newton-meter is part of the International System of Units and will be found on many foreign cars and parts.
  • kgf. m: A non-standard unit of measurement, the kilogram-force meter shows up in a lot of foreign assemblies.

Getting Into Tight Spaces

Aside from saving you the time of converting units, the MountzPro digital flex head torque wrench also saves you time by getting into difficult spaces. With its flexible head and flat profile, the head of this automotive torque wrench fits into places that other torque wrenches can’t. If you don’t have to disassemble parts or remove the engine to perform upgrades, you’ll save a lot of time and effort.

Seeing in the Dark

You may be wondering “how can I see the torque value when the wrench is in those tight spaces?” We’re glad you asked. The MountzPro digital flex head torque wrench has three different sensory alerts:

  • Visual: The large LCD screen is easy to read and gives you all of the information you need to manage your torqueing.
  • Auditory: As you approach and reach the set torque value, the torque wrench will give alert tones to let you know you’re getting close.
  • Haptic: If you can’t see or hear the wrench, you’re still covered. The MountzPro digital flex head torque wrench vibrates to let you know when you’re approaching the set torque.

An All-In-One Solution

When it comes to upgrading your ride, you want the job to be as easy and reliable as possible. With the MountzPro digital flex head torque wrench, you get the best of all worlds—four units of measurement, a tool that goes where others don’t, and no-doubt feedback that ensures you reach the torque you need.

Learn more about MountzPro’s Digital Flex Head Torque Wrench or Contact us for more information.

Our automotive torque wrenches come fully calibrated with a certificate of calibration traceable to our National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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