MountzPro Brings Home a Win at the Season Opener

automotive torque wrenchMountzPro is off to a great start in 2015 with a huge win during the first race of the year! MountzPro took home the win at the King of the Coast Series, presented by Gaylon Rolison, at the Gulfport Dragway in Gulfport, Mississippi on February 21st -22nd, 2015.

Mark White, father of MountzPro Driver Chris White and fellow drag racer, raced with the MountzPro truck during the series. Although the competition was fierce, Mark beat out the competition and brought home a big win for the MountzPro team. MountzPro is excited to start the season off strong and looks forward to the 2015 racing season.

About the Race

Although Gulfport Dragway is a quarter mile track, the King of the Coast series races on the eighth-mile track.One of the most unique things about this series is that it pits door cars against door cars and dragster against dragster for the first four rounds of the competition.

Keep a look out for our MountzPro truck and MountzPro Chevy Malibu this season!

digital torque wrench

Chris White’s 9 month old son celebrates the big win from Grandpa!

automotive torque wrench

Mark and the MountzPro truck in the winner’s circle.

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